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2011 GE Discovery 750HD CT [A-010783]

2011 GE Discovery 750HD CT [A-010783]

Perseus Tube installed new on 27 January 2021 (1250 patients scanned)
Includes ADW (AW 4.5)
Installed options: Overlapped Recon - Axial, Gemstone Spectral Imaging, Patient 64-Slice, VolumeViewer, SmartScore Pro, Sub-0.4-Second Scan, CardlQSnapShot-Cine, CardlQSnapShot, EKG Viewer, Enhanced GSI, NoiseReductionFilter, CopyComposer. DataExport, Direct-MPR. 3000 Image Series. AutomA. SmartPrep. Autofilter-and-transfer. Neurofilter, ASIR, Dynamic Z-axis Tracking, High resolution, Xtream Recon, Helical Shuttle, Axial Shuttle, Connect Pro

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