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2011 GE BrightSpeed 16 Slice CT [A-014918]

2011 GE BrightSpeed 16 Slice CT [A-014918]

Brightspeed 16 Elite
6.3 MHU Performix Ultra BB tube replaced 2019 (DOM 2018) with 113 mill mAs
PDAS 16, Watson 16 Detector
NIO Console, Software 17BW11.2 (2021)
Installed options include: ASIR, Enhanced Recon, Smart Prep, Smart Speed, Power 440, 90 kVA, 3000 Image Series, AutomA, Helical Tilt, Patient 16 slice, Direct-MPR, Direct-3D, CopyComposer, Volume Viewer, Data Export, ConnectPro, Enhanced Xtream Injector
Includes VT1700V Table

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