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OrthoScan FD C-arm [A-008390]

OrthoScan FD C-arm [A-008390]

20.1” LCD Monitors
9.75” 7.75” Primary Image Size
4” x 4.75” Secondary Image Size
2MPp, TGT Monochrome Resolution
Built in DICOM Calibration
L/R Swivel
Height Adjustable
27” Extendable Monitor Arm
Dual Reference Image Hold
50 micron Focal Spot
40 – 78kVp Range
0.04 – 0.160mA Range
Adjustable Field of View: 6” x 5” (15cm x 12cm) & 4” x 3” (11cm x 8cm)
2k x 1.5k Detector Resolution
6” Nominal Width
145mm x 115mm Useful Array
75 microns Pixel Spacing
70% DQE at 59.5 keV (IEC Standard)
512 Temporary Image Hold
3 Image Display
30 FPS
Automatic Adaptive Noise Suppression
4 Modes Manual Noise Suppression
Sterile Field Controls
Edge Enhancement
Laser Alignment
8000 Image Storage
Free Space 13.8”
Arc Depth 19.2”
Pivot 380°
Lateral Rotate (wig-wag) 320°
Orbital Rotate 120°
Vertical Range 31”
Weight 400lbs
Height x Width 44.5” x 29”

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