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2013 OEC 9900 Elite 12in Vascular MTS C-Arm [A-017518]

2013 OEC 9900 Elite 12in Vascular MTS C-Arm [A-017518]

Tri Mode Image Intensifier
1kx1kx16 bit Digital Image Processing
Noise Filter
Real-time Variable DRM Enhancement
Zoom and Roam
Negate Mode
Dual Articulating High Resolution LCD Monitors
Automatic and Manual Contrast
Brightness Control
Last Image Hold
Dose Area Product (DAP)
X-Ray 15kW Generator
X-Ray Tube: 1.6 MHU
Digital Video Imaging System
1000 Image Storage
Real time digital subtraction (DSA)
Peak opacification
8fps Dynamic digital disk or 15 fps
Automatic image playback
Frame-by-frame review
Vascular preset imaging profile
Variable Landmarking
Mask save/recall
Motion Tolerant Subtraction (MTS)
Bolus Chase Preset Imaging Profile
Digital CINE Pulse Mode
12 pulses/sec
Up to 150mA
10ms pulse width
15 fps Dynamic digital disk 50 Hz (15 pulses/sec 60 Hz)
Active X-ray Tube Cooling

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