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2003 OEC 9800 12in Neurovascular C-Arm [A-006991]

2003 OEC 9800 12in Neurovascular C-Arm [A-006991]

Dual High Resolution 1k x 1k, 16" (41 cm) Square Monitors
Touchscreen System Control
Tri-Mode 12/9/6 Inch Image Intensifier
400 Image Storage
High Resolution 1k x 1k CCD Camera
Last Image Hold
Edge Enhancement
Gamma Correction
Digital Windowing
MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction
Patient Annotation Keyboard
Zoom and roam function
Image annotation
Measurement software
Automatic image playback
Frame-by-frame review
Real-time subtraction
Peak opacification
Variable landmarking
Mask save/recall
Auto cine loop playback
Digital cine pulse mode
Auxiliary X-ray tube cooling System
30fps Dynamic digital disk

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