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2013 Mizuho OSI Insite Table [A-007077]

2013 Mizuho OSI Insite Table [A-007077]

Insight Hand Pendant
Arm Board Mounting Bracket
Pedestal End Arm Board Mounting Bracket
Articulating Arm Board w/ Pad
Insite Crossbar
Cervical Mounts
Face Place
Re-usable PronView Mirror Platform with Post Holes
Re-usable ProneView Adjustable Protective Helmet
Insite Chest Pad
Chest Support Plate
Contoured Hip Pad, Left
Contoured Hip Pad, Right
Buttocks Strap
Leg Board w/ Pad
Retractor Adapter
Supine Top w/ Pad
Universal Side Rail Adapter (2)
Patient Safety Strap (2)
Table Cover

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