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DEXA Service Videos

A collection of video "HOW-TOs" with step-by-step instructions 

Watch these tutorials to learn troubleshooting, basic repairs, maintenance, and more from the collective experience of the Block Imaging Service and Engineering teams. You can also research prices, compare products, or get the latest service tips and tricks for your imaging equipment on The Block Imaging Blog.



DEXA HV Tank Troubleshooting


Hologic DEXA Data Back Up


Hologic DEXA Power up & Wall Voltage


Hologic DEXA Proper Boot-Up Procedures


How to Access Error Logs on a Hologic Dexa System


How to Find System Details and Software Options on a Hologic DEXA


How to Perform a QC Scan on a Hologic Bone Densitometer Machine


How to Remove an HV Tank


Proper DEXA Shutdown


Proper Warm Up for Hologic DEXA


Troubleshooting X-Ray Control Interrupt

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