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Brian von Gunten
VP - European Operations


My 16+ years with Block Imaging span project management, business development, purchasing and sales. It’s been great to be involved with launching our Japan office, complete a multi-year assignment to Germany, and help radiology professionals across so many different cultures.

My focus is Block Imaging’s activity on the European continent, providing excellent CT, MRI, and x-ray solutions internationally.

  • I've handled thousands of complicated high-pressure projects around the world.
  • My goal is to make things easy for radiology teams and asset managers so they can focus on the most important task-- patient care.
  • Veterinary imaging (veterinary c-arm, veterinary CT, veterinary MRI) is also interesting. My first job was at a zoo— working with veterinary imaging (30 years later) feels like coming full circle.

Outside work, I’ve always enjoyed open air adventures. I’ve been a scuba diver for decades; now that my son’s learned the sport, we’ve enjoyed this together – but it’s never enough!  The mountains interest us too – we recently hiked Scotland’s West Highland Way.

My wife Mindy appreciates adventure too—we’ve lived in New York City, Munich, and love traveling. Whether it’s London, Berlin, Paris, Venice, or quieter places like Isle of Skye or Sicily, we always find interesting places off the beaten path. Mindy’s an idealist and a dreamer, keeping me on my toes. While the past’s got some exciting moments, our greatest hope is future forward.

Favorite things

  • Formula One and Indy Car motor racing. I’ve been to the Indianapolis 500 nearly every year since 1981 – I just love the tradition of that place.
  • Music from the 80s & 90s, especially when it’s live (Reggae and Ska count)
  • The Young Life organization and its incredible impact on kids (including my son).
  • A friend describes this as “a way to spoil a good walk”… but sometimes my family humors me-- we go out and grab a few.
Brian von Gunten

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