Josh Block


Hello, I'm Josh. I joined Block Imaging companies in 2006, and was the Vice President of Imaging Solutons until 2011 when I was named President of Block Imaging International. I'm tremendously humbled to have the opportunity to lead the Block Imaging team.

A few areas I focus heavily on are: fostering a culture where people thrive and in turn serve and bring value to the healthcare community; invite people into investing in a worthy mission and writing and uncommon story; challenge, encourage, and equip people to become more capable than they would have ever imagined. The talent and hearts of the people here are remarkable.

My hope is that the healthcare community and world at large would be a better place because of Block Imaging. That mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters would have longer, healthier and more pain free lives -- whether in a state of the art facility in Chicago, or an Obstetrics clinic in Jos, Nigeria -- because of the products and services we offer.

Aside from work I enjoy being a husband and dad, playing golf, traveling, playing the guitar, and before turning 40 I loved me some cheetos, cherry coke, and most desserts on the planet.