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Ben Rolff
Parts Operations Manager


Hello, I’m Ben Rolff, your gatekeeper into the world of shipping and receiving Medical Imaging Equipment. If you have received a part in the past from us, chances are I packaged your part(s) with tender love and care. I am encouraged when I can be part of a positive experience receiving our products. Below are a few fun facts about me that have nothing to do with shipping parts:

  • I’m an Instagram junky. Find me: @floralswimsuit

  • I love traveling. My most recent travel was Israel. Check out my video from this trip: Israel 2013

  • I absolutely LOVE reptiles and amphibians. I have had over 50 different pets (I won’t try to explain all of them to you) and at one time I was a member of The Michigan Society of Herpetologists.

  • I love going outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is go backpacking up in Northern Michigan although - I’ve backpacked in many other places including other countries.

  • Other activities I partake in: Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving, Sailing, Snowboarding, and Wake Surfing.

  • Most of my time away from work is spent at home with my wonderful, beautiful wife, Tracee. She is my absolute best friend and it is an honor to stand join hands and fight crime with her.

  • Ben Rolff rock climbing
  • Ben Rolff exploring another city
  • Ben and Tracee Rolff
Ben Rolff

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