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GE Digital Senographe 2000D Mammography

GE Digital Senographe 2000D Mammography
- Gantry w/ 356 degree rotation
- 19x23 Digital Detector
- Glycol Thermally Controlled Detector Chiller
- Removable Reciprocating Grid
- Available Filtration is MO/MO, Rh/Rh, MO/Rh
- X-ray Tube
- Acquisition Workstation (AWS) with 21 inch Hi-Brite monitor
- DMR Generator with AOP Programming
- Leaded Glass Shield
- Operator Control Panel
- Magnification Stand
- 19x23 Compression Paddle
- Spot Compression Paddle
- Square Spot Paddle
- Axillary Paddle
- Two sets of Footswitches