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Turnkey projects don't have to be an ordeal. Enjoy the benefit of saving money on late model pre-owned imaging systems without sacrificing technology, professional installation or applications training.


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imaging equipment refurbishment Refurbishment is no longer a synonym for problems! Years ago you were taking your life and the life of your hospital, imaging center or department into unsteady hands. No longer! Major OEM's like General Electric, Philips, and Siemens have recognized the incredible market opportunity for high quality refurbished medical imaging systems. They have set up entire organizations for the sole purpose to refurbish and sell. Add to the mix, site planning, professional installation and comprehensive warranties along with software and hardware upgrades, and you have a powerful new tool to optimize your Medical Imaging dollar. (You can estimate your potential revenue with this reimbursement calculator.)

refurbished imaging equipment You can inspect your system fully staged and in full operation BEFORE it is shipped to your site. One more way that Block gives you the assurance that your system is performing just the way you want it to, before it is brought to your facility. Warranties can vary in term and composition from "First Scan" to "One Year (or more) including all parts and labor. Tested, checked, worn parts replaced, software checked and upgraded if you like and if possible, fresh factory paint all make for a happy staff of techs, radiologists, physicists and administrators. The finance people are really happy!

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